about World Nomac


My name is Mac Candee and I am a 29 year old from the United States. I am an average guy who took a not so average step in life.

In August of 2019, I decided to escape my "9 to 5" career and go after a life long passion of traveling the world, filmmaking, content creation and living a nomadic lifestyle.

At the time of writing this, I have traveled to 47+ countries and counting with my favorite places being: Thailand, India, Bora Bora, Australia, and New Zealand. Although I would consider those my favorite places, I have loved every country I have visited for their own unique reasons. I believe one day I would like to acheive the goal of visiting every country in the world, but I am in no rush to do this as travel should be about the quality of the experience vs. the quantity of places you have been.

My passion for travel was partially inspired by my older brother Cody Candee who has been to over 50+ countries as well as my dad who has been my biggest supporter on chasing my dreams.


In 2012, I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain which unlocked my love and passion (and absolute obsession) for traveling after getting a small taste of what this world has to offer. I ultimately found myself wishing I had more memories than just photos and quickly realized how much fun it would be to make some travel montages of my time in Spain to remember some of the experiences more clearly. As life went on and I returned from Spain, I stopped making videos because at that time I could not afford (nor had time) to travel so over the next 6 years I made a handful of videos during the few trips I went on.

Then I went on a trip to Asia in November 2017 where I created 3 videos and realized how much I enjoyed making travel content to help inspire others to see the world. In February 2018, I began creating some travel content with an initial focus on YouTube videos and then moving into blog writting along with some other forms of content. Ever since then I have produced nearly 400 YouTube videos resulting in millions of views on YouTube along with thousands of other pieces of travel content across my Facebook, TikTok, Instagram posts and stories. Tiktok brings in the highest amount of traffic with roughly 100,000,000 views in the last 12 months.

As I continue to build up my travel content, my goal is that each piece of content will be able to provide some form of help whether it is planning your next trip, saving money resulting in more travel, inspiring you to book your next trip, changing your perceptions of a culture or simply providing you some content that entertains you.

Thank you for stopping by my website and happy travels! Please do not hesistate to reach out.

You can reach me at or with the button below.