by Mac Candee

Posted: Thursday, December 31, 2020

Whether you want to be a blogger, a vlogger, a TikToker, an Instagrammer, or whatever social media platform you want to build an audience in, I want to help you. I know what it’s like — I’ve had a lot of doubts along my journey. I’ve asked myself frequently if I can keep up with the demand, why some of my videos don’t get as much traction as others, and many other things. It has happened that I spent a large amount of time on a piece of content just for it to get hardly any views. This field is very demanding, because there will constantly be something that will put you down. And everyone who has ever tried to flourish in any creative field knows exactly what I mean about the journey to get there.

But I’m here to tell you that this is all a part of the journey. All this hardship is part of your route to become a great content creator. So, in this blog post I’m going to tell you 5 tips that might just make you a more successful creator. They will also be a source of inspiration and hope on days when you’re not too sure if you’re going in the right direction

1. Figure out what you are passionate about

This one is really important, because if you’re not doing something you truly love, this vocation will not feel enjoyable at all. You know how draining it can be, and if you’re putting in all that time and effort for something that’s not authentic for you, you can burn out very quickly. But if you decide to follow your passion, you will be waking up every day doing something you truly enjoy and want to help others with. Think about what you’re good at, what you love doing and how you can help people, and that should be a lead into what you can spend your time on. Focusing on your experience, how you can build upon it and create a following though using what you’ve learned will help you find your niche. The best thing is that if you enjoy doing something, and you see the value it brings, it will feel much less like work, and you can achieve much more.

In my personal experience, this passion was content creation. Am I perfect at it? No. Am I where I want to be in terms of growth? Still no. But am I working hard every day for it? Yes, because it’s what I authentically want. And I’ve seen a tremendous amount of progress.

2. Make the content because you love it not solely because you want to make money

In today’s day and age, there is a lot more saturation in the market with very successful people. This makes it more difficult to build your following. And if you’re only doing it for the monetary gain, you will get burnt out very quickly. It requires a huge amount of work, dedication — and sometimes — failure. Many times you will do something that you’re sure will work, and it just won’t. But you can’t let these things stop you. And if you’re making the content because you thoroughly enjoy it, you’re not going to be put off by non-success. I started travel vlogging and making YouTube videos because I wanted a better way to remember the experiences I’ve had. Being able to look back on what I did, where I was, what I ate and people I met is very important to me. In time, this led me to discover that I can turn this passion of mine into a career. And so, when I was making my first 100 videos, before I made any money at all, I didn’t let the fact that they weren’t becoming popular stop me. And don’t get me wrong — everyone’s journey is different. Some people can make one or two videos and start receiving income, but for me that was not the case. I had to go through the process of bettering my skills and making a whole load of content, before anything really took off. But I did it because I loved it. And at one point, the money follows.

3. Try various versions of things

If you went on a memory lane tour of my content, you’re going to see just how much variety there is. Some content creators argue that picking your niche and sticking with it is a better strategy, and that’s partly true. But you should look at all the different aspects of your chosen area and work to bring them to light. My personal niche is travel, but that includes things to do in different cities, digital nomad tips, money saving tricks, cost of living and so much more. There is a wide array of questions, and I’ve done my best to answer in the best way possible. And if I hadn’t experimented, I would have never been able to reach success with certain videos on different platforms. On TikTok, I’ve found that my itinerary videos do really well, while on YouTube my “Things to Do in ...” videos get a lot of traction. On the other hand, Instagram favors landscape photos There isn’t anything that can predict success from one platform to the next, so you have to experiment to find out. If I hadn’t tried out many things, I might have never known exactly what works and what doesn’t. Once you’ve figured out what is the most liked, I still recommend going off the beaten path once in a while, because that will help you grow.

4. Get feedback from non-biased sources

Your followers don’t really know you, aside from the content you put out. Because of that, they have no problem letting you know when they feel like you’ve done something wrong. That can be hard to take, because people on the internet can be notoriously mean. But at the same time, it’s a great opportunity for growth. If they share how they feel about your content, take it seriously. But take multiple people’s feedback, because then you can identify any common trends there might be. In content creation, you don’t have a boss guiding your work, so you have to figure everything out on your own. And while that can be great at times, it can also be very challenging. The only feedback you will get as a creator is your review of what you’ve made and your audience’s. That’s why it’s important to take their opinion into account.

There is also another way that has worked really well. I experimented with it when I created my Nomac Method, which is a guide on how to start traveling the world full time and transition into a digital nomad.

But the reason I mentioned it is that it all started by me wanting to figure out how to make my content better. I was a member in a few Facebook groups, so I decided to reach out for feedback on my videos. I invested in 10 people, with $20 per person, which is a lot of money to spend, but it was very important for me to better myself and my content. My strategy was to make a Google sheets survey for each video, and then receive the raw feedback of those 10 people who didn’t know me. And I can confidently say it was worth it. It helped me see how I speak in front of the camera, what my persona is, how people perceive me, and other questions, ideas and thoughts that people thought were missing from the content. It’s very hard to notice every single thing that makes you liked and disliked without getting any feedback, so it’s important to listen for it, because it can improve the quality of your content exponentially.

5. Give people a reason to follow and subscribe to you

Think about this. People won’t follow you if you don’t bring them any value. And if you want to know exactly what makes your content appealing for them, you have to know what benefits they get from watching you. Are you an informational channel? Do you create humorous content or pranks? Do you make How to videos? What will the person watching receive, that will make them sit down and give you their time? It doesn’t need to be strictly educational, but it has to be important for your viewership. Even if you just make them feel a bit better than before they watched you, that’s a huge reason to follow you. This will create loyalty, and an audience that cares about what you do and genuinely supports it.

Closing Thoughts

These are just some of the important points you have to keep in mind when thinking about content creation. However, in my humble opinion, they are some of the most important ones. These things will help you sustain your drive for a longer time, and give you a much better chance of making content creation a profitable career for yourself. I sincerely hope you keep your passion for your craft and give the world something unique, because I’m sure you’re capable of creating great things. If, however, you’ve read this article, and you’ve found yourself to not be overly excited about your niche, maybe consider changing things up. Authenticity and genuine excitement are the two things that will show you the road to success. I wish you a lot of prosperity in all your endeavors!

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