by Mac Candee

Posted: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Did you really visit Tulum if you didn’t go to all the Instagrammable spots? Nope, probably not. Most people have been exposed to Tulum in the last couple of years through a lot of big social media influencers, who have shown off the exotic beauty of this location. It’s got everything, from the jungle vibes, to the exotic luxurious venues. When you go to Tulum, you get this feeling like you’re in Bali, but with its own Mexican twist, which makes it an incredible place to explore. Of course, getting that perfect Instagram photo is a mandatory part of the experience for most who visit Tulum.

That’s why in this blog post, I’m going to share with you the 5 most Instagram worthy spots in the beautiful city of Tulum, Mexico:

1. Azulik

This is probably the most famous venue in the whole town. It’s always filled with a myriad of influencers and tourists. But don’t be fooled, it’s not cheap at all. To have dinner here, it requires a reservation with a minimum spend of $1000. But, before that scares you away, there is an option to still get your shots without spending too much. There is a rooftop area that you can go up to just for drinks. It is a beautiful area as it is connected by rope bridges. Walking across them is not only magical, but also great for taking photos, especially during golden hour. To gain access, you are required to pay a $50 cover charge per person which includes one drink. When I go to places like this, I usually make sure to have a couple of beverages at home and look at it more as an excursion, than a cost per drink (so it doesn’t hurt as bad to pay that large of a cover charge). It is a very expensive location and you have to have the money to spend, however, the jungle vibes and music up there make it worth a trip.

2. Raw Love

This is also one of the most famous spots to visit for that perfect Instagram photo. It has a beautiful sculpture of a torso opening its chest, and you can walk through it. The venue definitely has a unique atmosphere. For the best experience, I would recommend you visit super early in the morning, around 7 – 8 AM, because then you may not have to wait in line to get a photo. If you go midday or in the afternoon, you might be waiting in a line that has 20+ people waiting. You can imagine how long that may take for each person to grab their ideal photo. That said, the photos you can take here are an absolute staple of Tulum, so I would say it’s still worth the time spent if you end up waiting in line.

3. Selina

This is a hostel with coworking spaces right on the beach. It’s a really nice setting if you’re looking for a place to stay. But more importantly for this post, Selina has a really beautiful wooden entrance to their hostel and restaurant. It’s a great place to snap some photos. I haven’t seen too much of a line here, as I’ve only ever noticed a couple of people snapping pictures. It’s not as popular as Raw Love, but it’s a great place to visit nonetheless.

4. Cenote Calavera

This is a unique cenote, because there are many holes in the ground that are connected underwater, and it’s a really cool spot to get some photographs. This is another place where you’d better get pretty early. They open at 9AM, but sometimes they let you in at 8AM. That worked out for us, because otherwise the lines are just way too big. You have to pay around 250 pesos to enter, which is about $12-$13, but it’s a stunning place to go for a swim and take some incredible photos.

5. Playa Paraiso

You can’t go to Tulum and not get the stunning seaside images, just make sure you get the angles right so as to not include anyone else in your photo. Anywhere on this beach is a great place for photographs on a sunny day. The water is usually crystal clear and blue, if there hasn’t been a storm recently.

Closing Thoughts

That wraps up the five most Instagram worthy spots in Tulum, Mexico. It is a very picturesque place as you can see through all these photos. This is just a handful of the places you can go to, because there is just so much to see and experience. I spent 31 days there and I found a multitude of incredibly picturesque sites. It’s also most important to enjoy yourself, because Tulum is an amazingly beautiful city, where you can really relax, take it slow and enjoy life just a little bit more. If you’re worried about your budget — you can actually make this trip as cheap or as expensive as you want. If you don't have too much extra money for this holiday, don’t worry. You can still have a blast there. Just keep in mind that near the beach are some of the priciest, most tourist oriented venues. You can easily stay somewhere just a little bit further away for a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve been to Tulum and have a favorite Instagram worthy spot, make sure you drop it in the comments! Also, if you want to know more about this incredible city, make sure you check out some of the other blog posts on the topic. Whether it’s tacos to try, cenotes to visit or things to do, we’ve got plenty of resources to make your trip in Tulum amazing.

I wish you happy travels!

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