by Mac Candee

Posted: Monday, November 2, 2020

The fall is a magical season for many reasons. The color palette is one of the most beautiful, and it truly offers a view into some of nature’s best work. That’s why I embarked on a trip to see some of the best fall foliage around the New England states. I got the opportunity to explore the area between September 7th to September 30th. I would say however, that the best time to go and see fall foliage is September 25th to October 25th. It varies depending on the climate, because based on how fast the temperatures drop, the color of the leaves is different. When we were traveling, we noticed that different states had a significantly larger color variation than others. So, that led to the fact that some of the places we visited hadn’t changed over in color yet. But I’ll still share my photos with you of when we were there, and you can see just how beautiful it is. Just imagine the fascinating color palette that these places have in later autumn! It’s definitely a really stunning place that will make you fall in love with this beautiful season. It’s really hard to pinpoint a specific time to visit all of those places, but as long as you’re going in autumn’s bloom, you’re very likely to enjoy these beautiful sights.

We started our road trip in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, from September 11 to September 16th. Sadly, at that time things were still very green. As we got closer to New Hampshire, 16-20th, things were taking on their autumn look and it was getting very beautiful. It was a very nice experience, and we got to see a variety of different colors. As for Vermont, I would say that the beginning of October would be a better time, because the colors were quite early in terms of changing.

As for Acadia National Park, even when we were there towards the end of September, only some trees were changing. The drive up from New Hampshire to Maine, it was probably on and off with some really beautiful colors, and then when we reached the National Park, it still hadn’t reached it’s full autumn potential. Keeping this in mind, I would definitely recommend going to Acadia around October.

1. Arethusa Falls in New Hampshire

This is a lovely spot, because it’s sitting in one of the state parks in New Hampshire, where you get a lot of different things you’re able to explore and see. I can confidently say that for me, this is the best waterfall in New Hampshire. The fall colors really added a new element of enjoyment to our experience, as they made the whole view more picturesque. You could spend days in that State Park and explore multiple different areas to see beautiful fall foliage

2. Forest Lake State Park

This is a more low-key spot, a very small state park that sits right on a lake as you can tell by the name. I enjoyed this place specifically because there was pretty much nobody there. It really felt like we had it all to ourselves. Not the best spot for hiking enthusiasts, but you can definitely enjoy a nice picnic or grill. They also have a nice beach, so you can go swimming if the weather’s nice. It had a very cozy atmosphere. We also got to speak with a few of the locals there, and they were probably the most inviting people we met on our road trip. Here, you can relax, meet some lovely people and just enjoy the beauty of nature all around you.

3. Franconia State Park, New Hampshire

This State Park has a lot of more strenuous hikes. We hiked mount Lafayette, which was a very steep elevation hike. But once we got up there, the views were magnificent. Granted, we were a little early for the beautiful fall foliage. If you do plan on visiting, you should go towards the end of September - early October if you can, because that’s when you’re going to see the most beautiful views.

4. Acadia National Park, Maine

Now this is a spot that’s perfect for hike enthusiasts. This is actually the only national park in Maine. Yet it’s a unique national park for the reason that it sits right on the coast. You can see many islands in the distance, you can watch a beautiful sunrise being on the east coast. And - not to forget the many great hikes. We sadly visited here a little too early as well, and we were there towards the end of September. But even so, it was a very beautiful spot with its proximity to the water and coastline. Even so, just look at the photo I have here, and imagine how beautiful it will be once you add some lovely fall colors into the mix.

5. The Berkshires, New Hampshire

This is a lesser known area in Massachusetts. Even though most people think of Boston, there’s quite a bit more when you go out west in the state. There are some lovely mountains to explore in this area. But you should definitely wait until beginning to mid October to be able to see it in its full potential. Even though we went a little early (as you can tell by the photo), it was still incredibly beautiful.

6. Stowe, Vermont

Most people are familiar with Stowe, because it’s a really common place for winter sports. There is a lot to do there both in the winter, as well as the fall. The best fall foliage there starts around the beginning of October. In some places near it, the colors had already changed before that, but on the actual mountain, it was still mostly green. If you want to enjoy its peak foliage, definitely plan your trip in October.

Closing Thoughts

There are so many places in New England to explore at this beautiful time of year. These are all the beautiful places I would recommend if you love autumn and its captivating color palette and want to make the most of it. You will get the best experience there, especially if you plan it for October.

If you’re still not very experienced with road trips, I’ve got you covered with a full guide which shows our 17 day long road trip around the New England states. You can tailor it to your needs, making it longer or shorter depending on your preference. But we include a massive amount of details, that will help you in planning your trip. We put in so much time and research into figuring out what the best stops are, what is the best route. And we are confident that with this information, you can have the journey of a lifetime. It has everything you need to know on how to plan this experience and make the most of it. It covers everything in detail, and it will make sure you’re having fun and experiencing something beautiful each and every day.

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