by Mac Candee
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Posted: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

In this blog post, we are going to shift away from credit cards and share which debit card I prefer based on the benefits it can provide. Leveraging a few key benefits can greatly improve your financial situation and bring you closer to your goals. Keep reading to find out why!

This is my favorite international debit card to use. Why? Because almost anywhere in the world, when you go to withdraw from an ATM, no matter how large the fee, at the end of the month Charles Schwab will refund you the cost of the ATM fee. This is something that has saved me so much money, especially when I’m traveling to places where I can’t use my credit card (due to not accepting it or high fees when paying with a credit card). If you have read my other blog posts, I almost always pay with a credit card because of the opportunity to receive benefits and an ROI (return on investment) with every dollar spent. Unfortunately, the world has not reached a point where we are a cashless society so when the time comes that cash is required, it is best to get the most out of every dollar. We all know how fast these fees can add up, so it’s a huge benefit to not have to worry about ATM withdrawal fees when utilizing the Charles Schwab debit card.

As a rule of thumb, you usually don’t want to take out large sums of money unless you absolutely need to, because this puts you more at risk (especially when traveling). If something were to happen (i.e., you are robbed, lost your money, etc.), you are usually out of luck with cash, whereas with a credit card there are more opportunities to get your money back. This means when you do require cash, it is usually better to take small amounts out of the ATM as you need it, but with most debit cards, they will not have the option to refund ATM fees from ATMs around the world. So if you followed this recommended strategy of more frequent withdrawals in order to have less cash you would incur higher fees with most debit cards. This is where the Charles Schwab debit card comes in handy. Now that you can avoid those fees, you can take out as much as you need, so that you have smaller amounts of cash on you, and afterwards, you get the withdrawal fee credited back to your account. I’ve already used this card for 8 years, and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

I’ve actually used this many times in the US as well. My best example was at a nightclub in Las Vegas, where the ATM withdrawal fee was $19. I made the withdrawal, and at the end of the month I received a credit in my account from Charles Schwab for that $19 fee. Unfortunately, this option is available only for residents of the United States, but if you happen to fall into that category, you can get so much out of this bank. If you’re not from the US, you can scroll down and you will find an amazing debit card option that is available worldwide and also has a great offer.

Having talked about this, let’s have a look at the other benefits.


● Unlimited ATM fees refund worldwide

This is the point I just mentioned. No matter where you are around the globe, all ATM transaction fees will be refunded at the end of the month, which is a huge money saver all on its own. However, make sure to read the fine print in case you're travelling somewhere where this is not supported. Just think how much you could save if you could get all the ATM charges back!

● No service fees or account minimum - This might not sound like a big benefit, but some cards have very large fees associated with them, which is something you can save on and still get the full experience.

● Annual percentage yield of 0.03% - Even if you have just $0.01 in the card, you can still make use of this bonus.

There aren’t as many benefits as a credit card. But if you already have a specific credit card you like, I would definitely recommend using that when paying, because that will help you in getting more points. As for this particular card, I would say I only use it when I have to take out cash. This can mean that I only use it a few times a month, but it’s still a great opportunity to save money.


This bank is very similar to Charles Schwab, but the main difference is that it’s available worldwide. Revolut is a fintech company which operates like a virtual bank, and you can easily make an account and control your money from their app. You also receive a free debit card once you register.


● Exchange rates between currencies are some of the best, and you can easily exchange your money directly through the app

● The app provides you with detailed information about your spending, as well as allowing you to make a vault, which helps you save money.

● You can easily send and receive money from people who also have a Revolut account.

● You have direct access to buying cryptocurrencies as well as stocks

● No transaction fees in many ATMs (up to a certain limit per month)

If you're living abroad or thinking about traveling long term, the Revolut debit card is a great option for anyone living in Europe. You can also get a paid version of it, which offers even more benefits like insurance and a higher withdrawal limit, as well as many others. If you decide to only stick to the free version, it’s still a great card that can help you reach your monetary goals.

You can learn more about it here.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to check the link provided for any changes to the benefits that might have occurred after this article has been posted. The fine print is always important and can be subject to change at any time. As of the time of writing, all information is recent and factually correct, but there is a possibility that the company has made modifications to its offer afterwards

I hope this blog post helps you in making an informed financial decision and aids you in your quest to travel the world! I would be very happy to hear any feedback or questions you might have regarding this topic or any other down in the comments.

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