by Mac Candee
things to do in brisbane

Posted: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Brisbane Australia is my favorite city in Australia. Not everyone will agree with me, but personally I love the architecture, the transportation system, the food, breweries, and general vibe of the city. Not to mention, it stays nice and warm all year round!

Anyways, I’m going to share with you a bunch of things to do in the lovely modern city of Brisbane, Australia, which has the population of 2.3 million people. The list of things to do is not in any specific order. This was just how we traveled around the city and explored these things.

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Alright let's hop into these 14 things to do in Brisbane, Australia.

1) Get a Brisbane “Breaky” (breakfast)


I wanted to start my day with something really tasty, so we found a great spot, The Little Larder, and I got an amazing açai bowl. It was exactly what I needed to start off on the right foot, as Australia has great food and coffee, so you would be definitely missing out if you skip out on this. I wanted something light, but if you want the true Aussie experience then you should get the Australian Breakfast!

2) Go to Wilson Outlook Reserve viewpoint


This was just a short walk from the restaurant we picked out for our breakfast. You can see all of Brisbane’s skyline along with the bridge. It’s overall a great spot to snap some photos, hang out, maybe even have a picnic, and enjoy the city view.

3) Visit Howard Smith Whaf (Breweries & Restaurants)


This is an area with an incredible backdrop, which was recently developed to include a few restaurants, bars and a brewery that we checked out. And I definitely recommend you do too! You can count on a lovely view as you’re drinking your beer, enjoying a meal or just hanging out. This was also one of the coolest breweries I’ve seen scenery wise, and the beer was being bottled right next to us, so it was a unique experience!

4) Visit New Farm Park


This is the beating heart of New Farm, which is one of the more hip suburbs as well as reasonably central to Brisbane. The park is huge and many families come down here. You can enjoy the space as well as all the flowers, which are so lovely and well-kept. There is also free Wi-Fi in the park if you need that. In general, it’s one of those places where people come to hang out with their friends, play Frisbee and enjoy a sunny afternoon.

5) Take the Ferry


This feels like a river cruise! And you can also use your public transportation card to get around. It can bring you to a bunch of different spots around Brisbane which are next to the river, including restaurants, bars and many more. Definitely don’t miss out on this, since it’s a very enjoyable way to get around.

6) Visit Kangaroo point (climbing or to hang out for the sunset)


This is where a lot of the stone used for the older buildings in Brisbane was sourced. Now it’s used as a recreational climbing spot. It’s a very nice place to do rock climbing, as the view is truly incredible. If you’re not a fan of the sport, you can just spend your time hanging out, enjoying the view and the atmosphere.

7) Stop by a riverside bar for happy hour


If you make it to one of these lovely spots around happy hour, you can get a nice drink for super cheap. The ones we got were 6AUD. It’s also very enjoyable to drink your beverage with the beautiful view of the city and river.

8) Visit the Old Post Office and the Cathedral


This is one of the older buildings in the city. The Post Office was the place where law and order were dealt, people were hung there, the legal proceedings were there and many other things as well. It’s definitely a nice piece of history and any architecture lovers will appreciate the sight.

9) Visit the eternal flame


Just across the street from the old post office and cathedral there are also monuments to commemorate the men who lost their lives in war. This is a memorial for both Australia and New Zealand’s soldiers. The flame you will see there has been burning since 1930 and it’s meant to commemorate those who have fought for their countries.

10) Shop at Queen Street Mall


This mall is in the center of Brisbane. It is a both outdoor and indoor mall, so you can walk around if the weather’s nice or go inside. It has pretty much everything you could want, from high-end designer stores to the more standard regular shops. This mall a popular pass-time place for the locals as well as the tourists since it’s really close to the central station and it has a very pleasant atmosphere.

11) Take a photo next to the Brisbane sign


What better way to commemorate the time spent in this amazing city than a photo with the Brisbane sign? Don’t hesitate to come here and snap a few images, as they will be something to always remind you of your adventure!

12) Swim at south Bank Parklands


Here you can find a man-made beach and pool, so if you want to just chill out and relax, this is the best place for you to do that. If you enjoy swimming, this place is a must-go, since not only will you have an amazing experience enjoying your hobby, but you will also have the great view of all the skyscrapers and buildings in Brisbane.

13) Enjoy a beer in South Bank


Since public drinking is not allowed in Brisbane, we went on the lookout for a place to enjoy a couple of beers. We managed to find one and enjoy the beautiful evening time a nice ice cold beer. There were many people out as well, so definitely don’t miss out on a nice view with a cold beverage.

14) Visit Mount Coot-Tha lookout at night


This is where we ended our evening with some friendly conversation, lovely views and so much more. It’s an amazing spot to watch the sunset and all of Brisbane’s buildings light up long after the sun goes down. You’ll definitely enjoy it!

Closing Thoughts

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This concludes our list of things to do in this beautiful city. We managed to see and experience so much, it was definitely a great time, super relaxing and enjoyable. But, since we only did this in one day, we didn’t get to see everything. So, as always, I hope you get inspired to venture on your own and see what hidden gems you will discover in this lovely city. This city is truly massive, so if you were to explore, I’m sure you will manage to find so many more things you will enjoy. If you have a bit more time than we did, you can definitely see so much more and really dive into the culture and atmosphere.

Want to learn more about Brisbane? Check out the YouTube video:

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