by Mac Candee
things to do in byron bay australia

Posted: Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Byron Bay is a beautiful beachside town located in New South Wales, Australia. Many have it nicknamed as the “Backpacker Capital.” It is close to Brisbane, sitting only 165 kilometers (103 miles) south. The town of Byron Bay is a small town, but loaded with so much to do. A perfect place for people with a passion for the sea or surfing, or adventurers who just want to slow down the pace and relax for a few days.

In this blog post, we will share with you 6 things to do in Byron Bay and on your way to Byron Bay. If you are not a fan of reading, you can also check out the YouTube video here:

Let’s go ahead and jump right into our 6 things to do in Byron Bay and around it.

1) Farm&Co


Our first stop there was the Farm&Co, which is family owned. It started out in a little shed you can see on site. As the years went by, they’ve grown, and they’ve added a small building with a café attached to it. If you’re looking for good food and local cuisine, this is the place to stop. They’re growing their own produce here, or attain it locally. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunflower patches they have, where you can take amazing Instagram photos. The coffee is also delicious - I’ve tried it myself and I loved it!

2) Stone&Wood Brewery


Just on the outskirts of Byron Bay we made our second stop in the Stone&Wood brewery. This is Australia’s most popular and (by personal opinion) most delicious mass-produced beer. They started their business and are still based in Byron Bay. You can also get a flight of three or five beers. It’s also inexpensive - it was $12 for all three beers that we tried. They have some wonderful flavors that can fit anyone’s preferences. If you’re in the area and you like drinking this flavorful beverage, don’t forget to stop by - you’ll definitely love it.

3) Orgasmic Falafels


Once we arrived to Byron Bay, the first thing we tried once there were the “Orgasmic Falafels”. This is the best (in my opinion) quick, easy, cheap snack in town, and as the name suggest - it’s delicious! It’s a local secret, because everyone loves them, and they’re really that good.

4) Belongil beach


After getting our meal, we went to eat them at the beach. The one we visited is called Belongil beach. It’s a nice stop you’ll see in the front of Byron Bay and it will probably be one of the first things you notice once here. There’s a car park, so you can pull up there and visit the beach directly. It’s a very popular and safe beach, as well as a wonderful place to just relax.

5) Wategos beach


We are then headed directly to another famous spot, called Wategos beach. It’s dubbed one of the best places to surf in Australia. There are so many beautiful waves that roll down and take a while to break, so if you enjoy this fun sport, don’t miss out! Even on a cloudy day, it’s a perfect atmosphere to just relax, watch the surfers (if you’re not into trying it yourself), enjoy the water, the nice weather and have a blast.

6) Lighthouse


Next on our list is the Lighthouse. It is the most eastern point in mainland Australia. It’s one of the first spots to get sunlight every day. You can walk up to the top, and witness some incredible views as well as some dolphins if you’re lucky (like us!). From that elevation, you can see very far out into the ocean and see the incredible nature around it. You can also do the Lighthouse walk, which starts at the Pass , takes you to Wategos, and then you can come around the Headland and up to the Lighthouse. This is a really nice way to see the area, enjoy the sea and beautiful views.

Closing Thoughts

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Byron Bay is a beautiful city and you can easily spend a couple of days here or even a few weeks. It’s “Backpacker Central”, so you can find a lot of hostels, hotels and some people just chill out in their van. You have a myriad of options to choose from once you’re here, not only for accommodation, but for leisure, food and fun. There are many more things to do here, but we only had a short time here, so we definitely didn’t get to do everything, however, I just wanted to share some highlights. I recommend that you explore and venture out on your own, since this is a wonderful place to wander around. If you want to see some of the beautiful views I filmed from my trip there, check out my video:

Want to learn more about Byron Bay? Check out the YouTube video:

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