by Mac Candee
things to do in montevideo

Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. It has a population of almost 1 and a half million people in an area of 201 square kilometers (78 square miles). I had the opportunity to go visit, and I enjoyed this city so much that I wanted to make an 8 things to do video. Some of the things I talk about I have already created a video on. You can find the links to these videos along this blog post if you want to learn more. This blog post and the video are aimed at anyone who wants to take a trip to Montevideo, or just learn more about this amazing place. It is meant to give you all the information you need so you can construct an itinerary and have a great time. The things I’m going to talk about are in no specific order, this is just how I put them in my planner.

If you prefer learning about this topic in a visual format instead of reading a blog post, you can find the video here:

Let's jump right into these 8 things to do in Montevideo, Uruguay.

1) De Los Pocitos beach 


This beach is unique because it sits right where the river and the ocean meet, which causes a really interesting color of the water. You have both fresh and saltwater merging together in this area, which makes for a very beautiful view. It is not too crowded, it’s a big beach and it’s very enjoyable to just sit back and relax at. If you are feeling hungry at any time, there are shops and restaurants in many areas along the coast. I had a great time there and I definitely recommend you check it out as well.

2) Ramirez beach 


This is a smaller beach than the previous one, but it’s definitely worth checking out. You can get some lovely views of the city, as well as a nice seaside atmosphere to relax in. It is also an incredible spot to watch the sunset, and you’ll get a view of some of the most beautiful vibrant colors. It is a famous spot for the locals as well, to just hang out and enjoy the last sunny hours of the day.

3) Mercado del Puerto ("Harbor Market")


This spot is very close to the beach and it’s a great destination to grab some food and hang out, as well as do some shopping. It is an iconic spot for the city so you definitely must see it if you’re in the area. The opening hours are from 9:30AM to 5PM, so make sure you plan accordingly as to not come too late and have to rush. Historically, it was a fruit, vegetable and meat market, but now it is better known for the good range of restaurants it hosts. There are still some market stalls, but the diners take the spotlight. If you’re feeling hungry, this is definitely one of the best places to grab a bite to eat.

4) Try asado the Uruguayan way


If you’re a fan of steak, don’t miss out on this delicious treat. They have some of the best meat I’ve ever tried. You can find some really good restaurants in the Mercado del Puerto, where you can get this dish. It is also really enjoyable to see how they cook it right in front of you, and you will definitely enjoy the taste. You’re going to get the whole experience with some side dishes, and the tasty smell of the asado all around the Market. Even just thinking about it I get hungry, so you’ll definitely miss out if you don’t try it.

5) Walk La Rambla into Old Town


This is a pathway right along the coast that extends for miles. You can use this route to walk around the city, for jogging or biking. You can see so much of the city just from walking around on this famous street. It extends for almost 14 miles, and separates Montevideo from the sea. You can take a walk from the suburban parts, to the Old Town without any interruptions. It’s a great way to keep yourself in shape while enjoying the amazing views.

6) Take a historic district tour


It’s a really special thing to be able to learn about history from a great storyteller. I had this opportunity and it really made me appreciate the place I was in, as well as its past. If this is something you want to do as well, my tip is to look at the reviews and find someone who is very credible and knows what they’re talking about. Something that really stuck out to me is that Uruguayan people really like taking about their culture and sharing their stories, so they will happily answer any questions you have. This is an amazing way to dive deeper into the local life and take in the place you’re visiting.

7) Plaza Independencia


This spot is very nice, not only because it’s the start of the Old Town area, but because there is so much you can learn from the statues and the guided tour. It’s also very beautiful, as it is the heart of the city. It is a great starting point to explore the Old Town where most of Montevideo’s historic sites reside.

8) Day trip to Punta del Este


If this is your fist time visiting, definitely take the time to go out of your way and visit this amazing beach town. It’s totally worth it and you will have an amazing time, being surrounded by lovely nature and beauty all around you. It is by far my most favorite city on the seashore in Latin America, so you can take it for me that you will definitely enjoy this great place. You can watch my video about Punta del Este here.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, this is an amazing city, with some really friendly locals, lovely views, atmosphere and great cuisine. I can really go on and on about how much I liked this city, the people were very welcoming and this made the experience that much more enjoyable. This is an amazing place to spend a few days or weeks, you will definitely never go bored and you can enrich yourself by diving into the local culture and history. Of course, as this is a big city, I didn’t manage to experience everything it had to offer, so I strongly recommend you venture out on your own and try new things. If you have any other recommendations or experiences with Montevideo you would like to share, please let me know in the comments below!

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