Here you will find a massive amount of helpful services, products, discounts and recommendations that I have put together through years of experience traveling around the world.

Some links on this website may contain affiliate links which may result in a small commission for World Nomac LLC when you make purchases through those links.


  • Airbnb

    AirBnB is one of our favorite platforms to find accommodation all over the world at affordable prices! First time users will receive up to $55 USD in travel credit!

  • Where I book all my hostels

    Hostels are some of the best way to save money when traveling and they also enable you to meet so many people! I use Hostelworld to book all of my hostels because I find the prices are usually the best here.


    While I usually stay in hostels and Airbnbs, when I want to stay in hotels I check this website and


    When I am not staying in Airbnbs or hostels, this is one of the 2 websites I check and compare prices to ensure I get the best possible price.

  • Car Rentals

    I usually find the best deals for car rentals when using Priceline. Unfortunately, there are not any current promotions, but the prices feel like it is a promotion.

  • The Airbnb for RVs

    My favorite platform for renting an RV for a road trip. Unfortunately, there are not any deals at the moment, but check them out as the RVs on there can be super affordable!



    VPNs are a MUST for all travelers. As the world continuously becomes more and more advanced, so do the cyber threats. I equate a VPN to be like travel insurance, you just do not want skip it because the consequences can be grave.

    Additionally, for sevices like Netflix and other entertainment websites, Nord VPN makes it able to be unlocked!

    Our affiliate Nord VPN is offering an amazing deal where you can get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.49/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE! Use my link below, or type in "NOMAC"


    I have been using World Nomads Travel Insurance and have had a great experience with them. They have a very extensive coverage policy and my experience is they usually fulfill claims quickly. Unfortunately, they do not have any discounts available, but their rates are quite fair for what they cover.

  • Cancel those subscriptions EASIER

    This service is truly a GAME CHANGER. You can create temporary credit cards so when you sign up for subscriptions you can put a LIMIT on the card spend so that way the subscription cannot keep charging you. Think about those free trials you forget to cancel, just go to this website and create a card that has a $1 limit and when the free trial ends the company cannot charge the card. Use this link below for a $5 credit when signing up. Use code "MAX6X" after signing up under the "account section."

  • Scan your snail mail

    Ok this was a gamechanger for my life. All of my mail gets sent to this company while I travel (and even when I am home because I love it). Whenever they receive my snail mail, I receive a notification in the app. I can either have them scan it in, forward, or shred. Super easy and hassle free!! $10 applied to your account after 30 days has passed. To receive the discount, select "Referral" and provide the Referral ID: MC827

  • international phone plan

    Receive $20 off your Google FI plan after being active for 30 days. Google FI has saved me thousands of dollars in roaming charges by providing really good deals on international plans.


    I have traveled all over the world with my Away suitcase and it has been a game changer in the industry for redefining what a traveler really needs when packing and going to explore. Receive $20 USD off at checkout sitewide.



    Looking for a new drone or camera. Our absolute favorite brand is DJI which is by far the world's leading drone manufacturer. They also have other great camera equipment. Use this link to get $10 off your purchase.

  • Copyright free Music

    Sick of your music being flagged for copyright? Sign up for Epidemic Sound which will open you up to a massive collection of music you can add onto your YouTube videos. Get 30 days free now!


    Sign up with Shootproof and you will be able to sell your photos. When customers order them, you do not have to handle the inventory and order fulfillment. The customer orders, Shootproof prints + ships, and then you get paid. Currently, there are no promotional deals going on, but they have a free version you can sign up for!


    Ecwid is the leading online store front for your business. I am using them to host my shopfront and they are super competitive on price. The bad news is they do not have any specific promotions at the moment, however, you can sign up for their free version!


    I take so many notes now and archive all of them on my Evernote app which I can access from my phone or my computer. I save everything in here from things to do, countries I have been to, vaccination records, weekend plans, and soooo much more! Currently they do not have any discounts, but there is a free version you can sign up for!


    Need help with extra tasks? Whether it is moving, cleaning, hanging things, or many other types of misc. work you want to outsource, Task Rabbit is an awesome platform that connects you with people you can pay to help you out on things. Get $10 off your first task.



    I always check prices on both Uber and Lyft before booking because it is so fast and saves me a lot of money on my daily transportation expenses. Start saving money and get $2 USD off your next 3 rides.


    I always check prices on both Lyft and Uber before booking because it is so fast and saves me a lot of money on my daily transportation expenses. Start saving money and get $5 USD off your next ride.

  • cabify - Spain, Mexico, & South America

    Cabify can be found in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Spain. Spain is actually where I got turned on to it and I found it to be competitive with Uber so I always price check both apps. Use this link to get up to 3€ discount on your next 3 rides.

  • ola - india, australia, & NZ

    Ola is a commonly used rideshare company that is known for paying more of their profits to their drivers. Sign up for them when visiting India, Australia, and New Zealand for special offers.


    Heading to Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Japan, or Mexico? You should download DiDi as this is a popular ridesharing company in these places. Get up to $20 in ride vouchers: enter CODE mac62 to redeem the bonus offer.

  • grab - SE Asia

    Grab is one of the most common ridesharing apps used in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, they cancelled their discount program in December 2019. I still have this up here so you are aware that Grab is used in many Southeast Asian countries.